Fall 2016 Course Registration Coming Soon in LionPATH

Fall 2016 course registration will begin in March — and it will happen in LionPATH, Penn State’s new online system for student information and enrollment.

Your first LionPATH notification as a student will be an “Activity Guide” email. You will receive this email when it’s time for you to take action to prepare for fall course registration.

Here’s what new and continuing students need to know:

You will use LionPATH for course registration for fall 2016 and future semesters.

Functions related to the fall semester like course registration, bill payment, financial aid actions, and other tasks will be done in LionPATH. You will still use eLion for summer 2016 course registration and related tasks.

You will need to complete several initial actions before you can register for fall courses in LionPATH.

Take the following steps in LionPATH in order to be ready to register for fall courses:

  1. Update your personal information.
  2. Accept the consent to do business electronically with the University. This confirms that you agree to communicate and conduct transactions with the University electronically.
  3. Accept the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement. This confirms that you agree to be financially responsible for payment of your tuition and fees.

Look for an “Activity Guide” email to your Penn State email account when these steps are available for you to complete. You will not have access to register for courses until you have done so.

Your Enrollment Appointment Date will be your first date to register for fall courses.

Even after you complete the required updates and agreements in LionPATH, you still will not be able to register for courses until your Enrollment Appointment Date. This is the first date that you can register, and you will see this date listed in the Enrollment Dates section in the Student Center in LionPATH. Your Enrollment Appointment is based on Penn State’s Registration Timetable.

In LionPATH, you will also be able to plan your courses in advance and put them into a shopping cart, which you can then use to register on your Enrollment Appointment date. You will be able to use the shopping cart beginning on Sunday, March 6, 2016.

View the “Getting Started with LionPATH” tutorial for an overview of the new system.

You will be able to view available courses for fall beginning on Monday, February 22, 2016.

Some students may be able to access LionPATH and complete the required updates and agreements as early as February 15, but fall courses will not be available for students to view until February 22. Starting February 22, you will be able to view fall courses in LionPATH using the Class Search feature in the Student Center.

Where can students find out more about LionPATH?

You will be notified via email to your Penn State email account when you are able to log in to LionPATH and begin to take actions in the system.

Additional information and resources are also available: