Advice for Students by Students

We recently asked our social media audience for their best tips and tricks that should be passed on to other Penn State World Campus students! They have taken to our Penn State World Campus Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts to share their guidance!

Here’s a compilation of their responses that may spark some inspiration for you to keep going:

Advice from Students on Facebook

“Break the week into manageable chunks that you complete one day at a time. It will all look like a lot less work than what it looks like when you complete it in one day. And stick to that plan.” –Roberto Rodriguez

“Try not to be hard on yourself, especially if you are just beginning. Make sure to triple check the due dates on all assignments. And lean on your professors, classmates, and support staff when you need it. No one is alone on this journey.” –Renee Godown Lingenfelter

“It’s never too late to invest in yourself.” –Becki Cram Rivest

“Go at your own pace. Your professors really are there to help you, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Stay organized, try to find your own space to work in. Keep going!” –Janis Majewski Goerres

“If you are having a really bad day and feel like giving up, don’t! Take a break, do something you enjoy, rest and pick it back up tomorrow. Don’t give up on your goals and dreams!” –Jen Walker

“When I feel like giving up, I remember why I started in the first place and try to remember how it felt when I received the news that I got accepted. Also, remember what was in the welcome information; you are intellectually capable of doing the work, or you would not have been admitted to the University.” –Nicole Hodziewich

“Stay dedicated, remember why you are in school.” –Jessica BeeMiller

Advice from Students on Instagram

“Try to connect with virtual classmates — so rewarding and gives you an on-campus experience feeling. Same for your adviser. I have surely enjoyed working with mine.” –@yulyok_m

“You get out what you put in, so if you make the most of your investment in this degree, then you have to invest some time…reading, working with classmates, connecting with faculty.” –@danimccauley123

“Make a graduation board on Pinterest (or old school bulletin board) and put pics of what you’re looking forward to most about graduation (and after!). I found it really helped to have something to look forward to when I felt overwhelmed by school and work and life. It keeps you motivated. You’ll be there before you know it!” –@ellegirl82091

Advice from Students on LinkedIn

“Until you get your groove down, online classes can be tricky to time manage. Look ahead, plan for deadlines, and stick to your assignment to-do’s. Many will work ahead, but it is okay to stay on pace if working ahead doesn’t work for you!” –Jamie Bockelmann

“Ensure that your support network includes students in your cohort. You can almost seamlessly help one another achieve a common goal.” –Sean Lee