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Get Familiar with Penn State’s Deferred Grade Policy

If, for reasons beyond your control, you are unable to complete a course within the prescribed amount of time, it may be possible to have your grade deferred for the course and complete it at a later date.

A few things to remember when requesting a deferred grade:

  • Approval for a deferred grade must be given by the instructor of the course.
  • Approval needs to be granted prior to the beginning of the final exam period of the semester in which the course is scheduled.
  • A “DF” symbol will be entered on your transcript until a grade is posted.
  • If a deferred grade appears on your record, you will not receive your diploma until a grade is posted.
  • Courses with a deferred grade will not be included in your GPA calculations for the semester.
  • A deferred grade may impact on your student aid. Contact the Office of Student Aid to see how this could affect you.

Deadline for courses taken spring 2012 and later

  • Undergraduate and law students: 10 weeks after course end date
  • Graduate students: 25 weeks after course end date

The above deadlines apply to spring, summer, and fall semesters.

An extension may be granted beyond a deadline, in agreement with the course instructor, only where there are extenuating circumstances. Whether it is a deferred grade or an extension of a deferred grade that is granted, it is recommended that you work with your instructor to establish, in writing, a clear communication and assignment submission plan.

Review the University policy for more information.