Helpful Advice For New Students

We know that being a new student can be an overwhelming experience at first, especially when it comes to learning online. We want to help you ease those nerves, so we asked students and alumni on our social media platforms to drop some advice they wish they’d had when starting their education with Penn State World Campus. Here is their advice:

Get organized from day one

“Be organized, stay focused, and know your week’s assignments and requirements at the start of the week to plan accordingly.” — David B.

“Color code your classes and assignments on a calendar. Bold your group assignments and your larger assignments.” — Sarah M.

“Keep yourself organized and aware of due dates. Take your time and read everything. Being excited for a new adventure (or semester) can cause you to glance over the assignments, missing valuable information.” — Renee L. 

Develop strong time management skills

“Time will pass no matter what. You can be accomplishing something in that time or rationalize why you can’t. Just take it one day at a time. You’ll get it done.” — Bryon C.

“Leverage your time management skills. Don’t give up, and stay consistent with a disciplined approach for completing course work and objectives.” — Daniel O.

“Work ahead if you can. If you’re doing a group project, don’t be the person that everyone else is waiting on.” — Jeff K.

“Take it one day at a time. With careful planning and great time management, the years will slowly melt away. Before you know it, it’ll be time for graduation.” — Corey W.

Utilize the resources Penn State World Campus provides you with

“Utilize your resources. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you have to do it alone and teach yourself everything. Reach out to professors and classmates for help.” — Charlie P.

“Use the PSU library online as often as possible (I’m going to miss it). If you are having issues, know the add/drop dates and be open with your adviser and professor.” — Sarah M.

“Ask as many questions as possible to professors and TAs. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Being sure of the assignment is better than remaining lost.” — Benjamin W.

Believe in yourself and enjoy the journey

“Work hard, believe in yourself, and trust the process.” — Adam E.

“Remember that you’re doing this to make a better life for yourself and your family. It will be tough at times, but it is so worth it!” — Victoria S.

“Love what you are doing every day, never give up, and enjoy your journey.” — Julie L.