Interesting Insights from Penn State World Campus Students on National Online Learning Day

On Tuesday, September 15, we honored our Penn State World Campus online learners by celebrating National Online Learning Day. To mark the occasion, we asked our Instagram audience a few questions about their online learning experience. Here is what they had to say.   

How did you know Penn State World Campus was right for you? 

We asked: With thousands of institutions worldwide, there are plenty of places you could go to further your education. What made you realize that Penn State World Campus was a good fit for you and your future?  

Students answered:  

“It aligned with my needs, and the support from administrators was great, starting with the info sessions.”  

“The online aspect was perfect for me. Penn State World Campus fits perfectly into my schedule with work!”  

“I always wanted to attend Penn State, but living on campus was not for me.”  

“The accessibility to receive a quality education while working full-time and raising a family.”  

“Because Penn State has a great reputation, and I knew that Penn State World Campus had the same values.”  

“Being a military spouse, it made it easy to complete my master’s while moving around.”  

Are you in active duty, a veteran, or a military spouse?  

Penn State World Campus works hard to provide service members, veterans, and their spouses the flexibility and convenience they need to achieve their education goals. 43% of our Instagram followers who took our National Online Learning Day survey said they were active-duty, a veteran, or a military spouse. Thank you for your service!   

Who is one of your biggest motivators?  

We know balancing school, work, family, and all of lifes everyday challenges can get tough. It is important to have some supporters to help motivate you through the hard times. Here are some of our Penn Staters biggest motivators:   

“My wife! She pushes me to be better than yesterday!”  

“My parents and my family! I’ve been waiting to get my master’s for eight years now.”  

“My friend Vicky! She cheers me on and helps keep me accountable.”  

“My kindergarten teacher. I hope she can be there when I graduate.”  

“My fiancé and my daughter. They push me to continue working hard.”  

Are you Penn State proud?  

One of the best things about being a Penn Stater is the sense of pride within the Penn State community. Out of the 120 of our followers who participated in the survey, 99% said they are Penn State proud!  

Check out our Online Learning Day highlights on our Instagram page at @PennStateWorldCampus to hear more stories from our hard-working Penn State World Campus students!