Learn How to Support THON and Meet the World Campus THON Dancers

It’s almost time for THON™! Officially known as the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon, THON focuses on raising money for childhood cancer research and is the largest student-run philanthropy initiative in the world. Fundraising and awareness activities happen all year round, but the main event is a 46-hour nonstop dance marathon held every February. This year, the event will be held the weekend of February 17. 

Student organizations that meet the minimum fundraising requirements earn the right to have dancers participate in the event. Organizations that haven’t met that threshold by the deadline — or that wish to have additional dancers participate — can also enter a lottery to try to win one or more spots. The more money an individual or organization raises, the better odds they have in the lottery.

This is the first year that Penn State World Campus will have official dancers participating in the event. The student organization World Campus for THON™ met the $3,000 fundraising requirement last year, earning them the chance to have two dancers participate in THON 2023. However, the organization still needs to raise an additional $3,000 to meet its goal and secure the opportunity to keep those two dancer slots.

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Meet the 2023 World Campus THON Dancers

Woman with long brown hair wearing Penn State hatDanielle Ray

What degree or certificate program are you in? MBA

Where do you live? Hershey, PA

What does participating in THON mean to you? Dancing at THON is an honor that will be very humbling and challenging. This opportunity means the world to me as a returning PSU student because this is a new way to support an important cause dear to my heart. I THON because I want to make a difference in my little part of the world by helping support children suffering from cancer and dancing for a cure.

How are you preparing to dance at THON? I am following the dancer wellness program by exercising, eating healthy, and resting. Each day I start with positive energy about THON by encouraging myself and reinforcing my ability to be successful.

As a World Campus student, how has participating in THON helped you to connect with the larger Penn State community? I have been able to meet other THON Chairs and dancers, which has provided me a true student network that brings me closer to my fellow Penn Staters. 

Smiling man wearing Penn State shirtBrayden Caraynoff-Huber

What degree or certificate program are you in? B.A. in Political Science, graduating August 2023

Where do you live? Minooka, Illinois

What does participating in THON mean to you? Being selected as a dancer for THON is an honor and a privilege. I am more than excited to participate in such an amazing event; however, this isn’t at all about me. It’s about all the kids; they are the true heroes. They are the reason I THON and will continue to do so until there is a cure.

How are you preparing to dance at THON? I am following the advice of previous THON dancers, eating healthy, stretching, standing for long periods of time, and trying to keep a positive attitude.

As a World Campus student, how has participating in THON helped you to connect with the larger Penn State community? It has given me the opportunity to connect with other students and spend some time on campus with them. THON has also connected me with alumni from my home area who have been very supportive.