Meet the Penn State World Campus Student Advisory Board

If you’ve been looking for a way to get more connected with Penn State World Campus and your fellow students, consider applying for the Student Advisory Board.

The vision of the advisory board is to enhance the Penn State World Campus experience for fellow students through student advocacy, collaborative partnerships with staff and faculty, and by providing relevant student services. Currently, there are 21 undergraduate and graduate students who serve as board members, located throughout the Unites States and abroad.

The board members commit four to five hours per month to participate in virtual meetings. In addition to the meetings, they also engage in a variety of activities such as professional development opportunities and special projects. They are encouraged to help further develop Penn State World Campus clubs, organizations, and related student activities. Board members also have the opportunity to come to campus each semester for a group meeting, professional development and networking.

One unique aspect of the board is their work with senior leadership to make informed decisions that will directly impact fellow students. This is accomplished through service on five committees, which include:

  • academic affairs
  • clubs and organizations
  • engagement
  • governance and campus relations
  • marketing and communications

We’ve asked several members of the board to reflect on why they joined the board, the projects and direction that this group is involved in and the impact that they want to make on Penn State World Campus and in the field of online learning. Here’s what they had to say:

“I applied to the Penn State World Campus Student Advisory Board because I like to be involved in education. I wanted to learn more about World Campus, how it reaches out to students and impacts their lives, and how I could potentially help shape the future of World Campus. Penn State is setting the standard for online education; however, there are always ways to improve and take advantage of the newest technology.”

Susan Wilt
Psychology of Leadership
Lamar, Pennsylvania

“My engagement with Penn State has increased to levels that I did not think were possible for an online student. I feel connected to the Penn State community, and the advisory board has helped me believe that I am not just another student, and that my voice matters.

“The best part about being an engaged Penn Stater is having the feeling of belonging in such an extraordinary community and being part of the change toward improvement.”

Yaremis Sola-Villalon
Security and Risk Analysis
Atlanta, Georgia

“I attended the advisory board meeting on campus, and it was all a bit surreal. From the moment we arrived on campus, we were treated to a first-class experience by Dr. Ashley Adams and the rest of the team. We had the pleasure of attending the Penn State football game against Minnesota. I have never attended an event with 100,000 people before. You could feel the Penn State pride beaming from the crowd, and it was amazing to feel a part of it. As I was getting ready to leave, an Outreach and Online Education Advisory Board member came over to us and told us it was tradition to sing Penn State’s Alma Mater. As we all put our arms around each other, swayed together, and sang the Alma Mater, it was a feeling that I didn’t know I would get to have when I landed in Happy Valley only two short days earlier.”

Chris Moore
Human Resource and Employment Relations
Chester, Nova Scotia Canada

Applications are open until January 31 for the Student Advisory Board. If you’re interested in learning more about the Penn State World Campus Student Advisory Board, contact Dr. Ashley Adams, Director of Student Affairs, at