Meet Stephanie N. Blahut, Blue & White Society Executive Board Member

Over the past weeks you have had the opportunity to hear from both the Blue & White Society Director of Communications and Director Membership about their goals for the organization in the coming year. Today we continue our executive board features with the society Secretary, Stephanie Blahut.

Stephanie, who is working towards her bachelor’s in law and society, also served in the position of Secretary on the inaugural board of the World Campus chapter of the Blue & White Society. This Illinois native tells us a little about her new plans and initiatives in her role.

What do you hope to accomplish for the Blue & White Society for the coming year?

In my capacity as Secretary, I will focus on organizational communication, working to strengthen the relationship between the board and the members. I am committed to the following goals and projects: the creation of a suggestion drop-box, continued leadership in the Constitutional Review Committee, and continued progress toward making ANGEL the information hub for the society.

I will also work towards the organizational goal of identifying and implementing sustainable methods for increasing engagement and member participation. Ultimately, the needs of the membership, and not one individual’s agenda, drive the direction of the organization. Fellow Blue & White Society members: this is your organization! What ideas do you have for the chapter?

My most memorable Blue & White Society moment has been…

Securing funding for the Active Member Rewards Program. This program is the bedrock for future engagement efforts, and based on the data and feedback we receive, we will be able to continue to refine, scale and strengthen the program based on membership needs. Receiving the news that the Alumni Association had chosen to fund the program was a definite high point for me, and with input from the board and the membership, I hope to re-apply for funding again when the opportunity arises.

How do you hope to connect Blue & White members to Penn State?

I worked to establish the outline of the activities committee which will offer the dedicated Blue & White Society membership opportunities to participate in event planning, utilize project management and organizational communication skills, and conceptualize new ways to reach out to their peers in virtual and local settings. Committee projects may also offer opportunities for the expansion of student skill sets.

I also plan to build upon previous engagement efforts and employ my professional marketing and communication experience to increase member participation and dialogue.

What is your favorite way of showing your Penn State pride?

My car is decked out in Penn State swag. I also wear my Blue & White Society and Nittany Lions t-shirts proudly, and often. I am quite pleased to receive a world-class education from Penn State, and I am not shy about sharing that fact with others!

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