Meet TaJuana Sebens, Blue & White Society Executive Board Member

Blue & White Society Vice President, TaJuana Sebens.
Blue & White Society Vice President, TaJuana Sebens.

In our final Blue & White Society executive board profile, we introduce you to the newly elected Vice President, TaJuana “TJ” Sebens. TaJuana, who recently joined the board as the newest member, is excited about the role she will get to play in the World Campus chapter. Today she shares a little about herself and her plans as the Blue & White Society Vice President.

What plans do you have for the Blue & White Society for the coming year?

I plan to build upon the strength and cohesiveness of our members. I know that saying one is apart of a school is very different than actually feeling that one is apart of the school. Being an online learner is challenging; you do not have the level of interaction that comes with a “traditional” school setting. I plan to start there, engaging members that may be hesitant to become more involved because of the virtual realm of our learning environment.

How do you hope to connect the membership to Penn State?

I would like to connect members by scheduling a social event within the upcoming year at University Park, providing all of our members the opportunity to network.

What has been your most memorable Blue & White Society moment?

It would have to be participating in the Vice Presidential election. Taking the opportunity to put myself out there was foreign to me. However, I am committed to the World Campus and want to be a part of the Penn State community in any way possible.

What is your favorite Penn State memory?

This is my first semester, so I would say being accepted into Penn State World Campus and the Business Administration program!

What is your favorite way of showing your Penn State pride?

My sister-in-law designed a Penn State sweatshirt for me and since I moved to Maryland from Florida it gets worn religiously. My truck has a Penn State sticker, my iPhone and Mac both have really cool Penn State wallpaper; I own two ball caps and I am increasing my Penn State collegiate gear from VS Pink. I don’t have one favorite way; my pride has to shine through pretty much everything!

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