Student Disability Resources for Temporary or Short-Term Conditions

When people think of the types of situations that Student Disability Resources would handle, they often think of major, permanent conditions or injuries. While those certainly do qualify for assistance, there is also a broad range of other conditions that would fall under the umbrella of Student Disability Resources.

Some students who are experiencing a sudden or temporary medical crisis may assume that they don’t have a condition that is considered a disability, and as a result do not contact Student Disability Resources for assistance that may be beneficial to them.

Here are just a few examples of the temporary situations/conditions for which this team can offer assistance:

  • broken bones
  • pregnancy with complications (review this post for more details about assistance that may be available for students with pregnancy-related conditions)
  • concussions and post-concussion syndrome are also conditions that are becoming increasingly common
  • any injury or illness that impacts ability to complete course work or causes a functional limitation

The type of assistance or services that can be provided to you will depend on the nature of your illness or injury, the types of accommodations you require, and the period of time for which you will need the accommodations.

Contact Student Disability Resources to learn more about help and resources they can provide.


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