Top 10 Things to Do When Returning to School after a Break

As the break from school comes to a close, you may start thinking about helpful ways to jump back into your online courses with Penn State World Campus.

Cheryl Horvath, a student blogger who is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Labor and Employment Relations, suggests some things you may want to do before resuming classes.

  1. If you are going to utilize Federal assistance, make sure you complete your FAFSA before the deadlines. The same idea goes for the PHEAA State Grant.
  2. Now that your courses are scheduled, it is important to verify that your grades are in compliance with the Federal Student Aid requirements. In most cases, you need to maintain a certain GPA in order to continue receiving federal aid.
  3. Check your Penn State email account daily, in case important updates or changes are made regarding the upcoming semester. Sometimes the math courses may have you practice ahead of time or take an ALEKS assessment about two weeks before the actual class starts. You want to make sure you utilize every opportunity that professors offer, to help you complete your courses successfully.
  4. Review each online class, become familiar with the content, and print out the syllabus ahead of time.
  5. Order your books as soon as possible — you do not want to get behind schedule.
  6. Check your computer to verify it is working properly, and make sure your PC is compatible with the apps and recommended software that the instructors will use throughout the course(s). Utilize the Penn State World Campus HelpDesk if you need additional technical support.
  7. If you have a tuition bill, it is important to pay it as soon as possible to deter any additional fees.
  8. Organize your books and school supplies to create a relaxing environment that will allow you to focus.
  9. Is your desk ready for you? Or have you forgotten to clean up the aftermath of the last semester? Now is the time to get your desk in order. Make a list of things you will need for your upcoming semester. Planning ahead and organizing your desk will again provide you with a clutter-free area to work, and will give you the extra time to complete your studies successfully.
  10. Last, and very important, make some extra time before the start of the class to have fun. Go out with your friends and spend extra time with your family members. Finish a book that is collecting dust. Watch a movie you’re interested in. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air to clear your mind.

My suggestions are just that — things to think about and incorporate if you feel they may be helpful. My wish for all Penn State World Campus students is that you will complete your degrees with an abundance of success without stress. I hope this information will help you achieve just that!