Get These Valuable Benefits of Volunteering During a Day of Service

Did you know that volunteering can be good for your health? A study by the Corporation for National & Community Service found that people who volunteer have lower mortality rates, improved functional abilities, and reduced rates of depression. And of course, volunteering is also good for the people and organizations you decide to serve.  

There are more ways that volunteering can offer big rewards. By donating your time and effort to a good cause, you can:

Learn critical job skills

A volunteer gig can be a smart way to learn new skills or get hands-on experience that will prove useful to you in your next paying job. This can also be an opportunity to observe professionals at work and see how they handle actual work-related situations.

Impress employers

Companies tend to love applicants with a track record of community support activities. In fact, a government study found that those who volunteered had a 27% better chance of finding a job.

Perfect your “people skills”

Community projects tend to require you to work with lots of different people in a variety of roles and situations, some of which may be challenging or stressful. This gives you a chance to polish your “people skills” and learn how to work effectively with co-workers.

Make connections that will pay off

Volunteering can help you connect with business leaders and influential people in the community. That makes this a priceless networking opportunity. It may also help you find a good mentor who can offer professional advice and guidance.

Eager to do your part to help the community and make valuable Penn State connections? We’re hosting Days of Service on January 15 and 22, 2022, in locations across the country to unite Penn State World Campus students. If there isn’t an event in your area, you can serve in a local organization and be recognized for your service. Learn more and register to serve with your fellow Penn State students.