Watch This Webinar for Resume-Writing Tips!

Whether you are writing your first professional resume, finalizing a resume for a position, changing or re-entering the workforce, or making a career change (“re-careering”) where an old resume is less appropriate, you might benefit from watching this free webinar on resume writing. World Campus career counselor Lynn Atanasoff presented this to the World Campus Psychology Club, but it can help anyone interested in writing resumes!

The topics covered during the webinar include:

  • how many resume types there are
  • how to choose a type
  • what a resume should look like
  • why we write resumes
  • where to start
  • what the different sections are
  • what content to include (or exclude), how to word a resume
  • the difference between paper and electronic submissions
screenshot of resume writing webinar hosted by World Campus Career Counselor Lynn Atanasoff
Watch a webinar on resume writing hosted by World Campus career counselor Lynn Atanasoff!