Welcome Back, Lions

Another semester is upon us. What does this mean though, really?

Crumpled papers with "back to school" written on post-it note
Photo by Avalore, via Flickr

Well, for me, it means scrambling to get books at the cheapest rate I can find them in time for class.

It means only sleeping 4 hours a night between work and schoolwork.

Mostly though, it means getting a chance to partake in some really interesting classes with some top notch peers and acclaimed instructors; all while balancing everything that our day to day lives demand, of course.

Here are some useful tips I’ve found when facing this challenge, and that I’d now like to share with you all:

  1. Give into Google drive. I know it can be a hassle, but so is rewriting an entire paper because your laptop crashes before you can save.  (Not that this has happened to me, or anything…). Drive is ideal because it saves periodically as you work, and is accessible from more than just your own personal laptop or computer.
  2. If you wake up with half the alphabet pressed into your face: RELAX! You’ve fallen asleep while working your butt off, and deserve that cup of coffee. Shake it off, and carry on.
  3. Remember that you are amazing. You are a successful person, in addition to being a successful student. You are not one because of the other, you are both!

So take a deep breath and keep in mind that we are all in the same general boat.  Fellow students understand better than anyone else what we’re going through and are here to empathize whenever you need to vent.

World Campus students constantly amaze me. Not only do we juggle our course load, but we have full time lives we also partake in. I run my own online business and intern. I have a friend and fellow classmate who freelances as a photographer while pursuing her master’s degree. My own mother juggles children and course work every semester, doing pretty well in both respects. Plenty of other students have families they care for, full time jobs they work at, or businesses they run.

Seriously, we’re superheroes.

So what does the start of this new semester really mean?  It means it is time to pick up our red capes from the dry cleaners, buy some good coffee in bulk and get ready, because Spring 2014 is going to be wonderful.

We Are!