Where I Learn

Penn State World Campus students study and complete course assignments in a variety of places and spaces throughout the world. From kitchen counters, to military housing facilities, to on-the-go offices on planes and trains — our students are getting it done!

Here are some examples of where some our students are working right now:

1. Heather Mitterer: The Penn State Home Office

Major: Organizational Leadership

What area would be better to study for my Penn State World Campus degree than in my Penn State–inspired library/office surrounded by blue and white memorabilia?

 2. Jeff Bauer: A Spacious Stage

Major: Letters, Arts, and Sciences

My study space is the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota. I work part-time as a security officer when the front lobby is open for ticket sales and, as I’m sure you can imagine, those tend to be relatively slow during weekdays. This environment, along with my manager’s flexibility, allows me to use my time at work to read and do homework. As you can see from the photos, the building is beautiful and quite spacious, so when I need a break I can take a walk around and enjoy the architecture. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful space for studying.

3. Laura Anderson: A Cozy Kitchen

Major: Higher Education

I’ve been a college student on and off for the past 12 years, so homework and studying have been constants in my adult life. Through those experiences, I have learned two crucial things about myself when it comes to being a successful student. The first is that in order to be productive, I need a very quiet space. The second is that if I am working on an in-depth assignment like a research paper, I need to move study spaces frequently. The change of scenery, even if it is just within the confines of my own apartment, helps me to mentally reset. I have a desk that was meant to serve as my “official homework space,” but its close proximity to the couch and television made it a counterproductive arrangement. So when I’m home, the space where I am most productive is at the kitchen table. I find the openness of the space and all of the plants to be relaxing and, of course, it doesn’t hurt to be close to snacks.

4. Cheryl Horvath: The Mom Spot

Major: Labor and Employment Relations

Trying to find a good place to study in a household of three teenagers and two young Boxers can be a bit challenging. At first I spent more time getting the dogs to stop barking at everything they heard, and reminding my children that even though they can see me, when I am doing school work I am not to be disturbed unless it is an emergency. Either way, my choice was to “train them” or move to another location, and since my career path is training and development, I felt this would be a good exercise for me!

The location that I chose was my dining room table with my back to the wall; to my left is a sliding glass door that provides me with lots of sunshine and a glimpse of the sky. To the right I have a view of my front door and who might be coming up the walkway. I also have a subtle view of the television, if I get stumped on a subject. In front of me is my kitchen. I can cook, get snacks or refreshments throughout the day, and hold conversations with my children as they prepare for whatever they have planned for the day. So basically nothing gets by this busy mom.

5. Emily Kilgore: A Cute Coffee Cafe

Major: Children’s Literature

My ideal workspace is at Nina’s Coffee Cafe in St. Paul, Minnesota. Nina’s first caught my attention because of its name — the same as my great grandmother’s. Then, after moving to St. Paul, Nina’s quickly became my go-to study space. Just down the road from where I live, Nina’s provides the perfect spot to focus on my graduate work. Tall ceilings, brick walls, and curved archways gives the cafe a unique feel, while a wall of windows provides just the right amount of natural light to help you forget you’re inside working. Best of all, the beverages are so delicious they can keep me working for hours at a time; the chai tea latte and vanilla latte are two favorites of mine. When finding a place to work, it’s hard to beat the charm of Nina’s.