Advantages of Membership in the Penn State World Campus Blue & White Society

One student organization is making it easier to help build strong connections between Penn State World Campus students and faculty members. The Penn State Penn State World Campus Blue & White Society, a chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association, is available for you to join as a student member.

Membership benefits include:

Networking opportunities

I’ve joined my local Florida chapter of the Blue & White Society and am also a member of the Penn State World Campus chapter. I attend in-person events and meetings and have met some fantastic Penn Staters in Florida. I’ve found it really beneficial to see what graduates are doing, which helps to shape my own Penn State journey. We meet up to watch football games, attend local sporting events together, and help out our local Habitat for Humanity.

Engagement activities

The Penn State World Campus Blue & White Society holds a monthly meeting with guest speakers. At a recent meeting, Lynn Atanasoff from the Penn State World Campus Career Counseling Center talked about all the opportunities available to students. These events are also a great way to talk to other current students, because at the end of each meeting we open the floor to general discussion and networking. This has had tremendous value for me since I don’t get the opportunity to talk to many fellow students in my courses. The meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. (ET) on the fourth Tuesday each month via Adobe Connect.

This is also a good way to participate in THON and other Penn State events. For example, past members who were in the University Park area have walked in the Homecoming Parade!


As part of the organization’s dues, there are some pretty cool benefits: a free t-shirt every year and a 10% discount at the Penn State Bookstore. We also give out a door prize at each of our monthly meetings!

Join online

You can join or renew your membership in the Blue & White Society on the Penn State Alumni Association’s website. Dues for membership in the Blue & White Society are:

  • $15 for Basic Annual Membership
  • $20 for PLUS Annual Membership, which includes a copy of The Penn Stater magazine mailed to your preferred address

So, as you settle into the fall semester, think about joining and becoming part of a great tradition more than 135 years old!

Annah Jensen is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Penn State World Campus. She takes one class per semester to help keep her workload more manageable. Annah lives in Bradenton, Florida, and works full-time as a receiving office supervisor for a privately owned environmental laboratory. She is the secretary for the Penn State World Campus Blue & White Society.