Alumni Perspective: Kate Throckmorton

We recently spoke with Penn State World Campus alum Kate Throckmorton about earning her degree and her career as an enrollment counselor at Bethany College.

Degree and graduation year: Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Family Studies, 2012

Current hometown: Washington, PA

Current career and workplace: Enrollment Counselor at Bethany College

What does a typical work day look for you?
Admissions revolve on a yearly cycle, making each season distinctive. In the fall, I am on the road visiting high schools and attending college fairs. In the winter, I am in the office almost every day working on applications and helping students through the admissions process. In the spring, I’m helping students through the acceptance process and traveling for a few college fairs. In the summer, I assist with orientation and move-in as well as complete detailed data analysis to prepare for the next cycle. The admissions environment is high energy and fast-paced with a specific focus on customer service.

How did you get into the field you are currently working in?
I started working in admissions as soon as I arrived at University Park as a student. I volunteered with the Lion Scouts giving tours to prospective students and assisting the admissions staff throughout the year. Once I started working with the Lion Scouts, I knew I had found my career path.

How has Penn State World Campus impacted your career? Penn State provided hands on experience that enabled me to be competitive in a slim job market. In addition, Penn State cultivated my skills to take the initiative, pitch new ideas, and to always strive for constant improvement.

What were some of the challenges you faced when you were a Penn State World Campus student? Creating relationships with fellow classmates was a challenge. The professors did a phenomenal job of creating online spaces for the community to grow. Asking questions in an open forum instead of emailing the professor directly allowed each of us to realize we were not the only one with questions, and we began to help one another through the course.

Do you stay connected with Penn State? How do you stay connected?
I am a part of the World Campus Alumni Society and eagerly anticipate my alumni magazine. I serve on the Penn State World Campus Alumni Board and make a biannual trip to Happy Valley. I follow Penn State on social media and participate in my local alumni chapter.

What is some advice that you would give to current Penn State World Campus students?
Utilize the technology to your advantage. When I was a student I would listen to lectures on my commute, complete the reading during lunch, and finish my homework assignments in the evening. Penn State World Campus classes are at their fingertips and so it is in students’ best interest to bring World Campus along with them each day.