Students Share End-of-Semester Motivation Tips

It’s natural for students to feel like they are losing steam as we near the end of a semester. You are likely finishing up any remaining assignments while also trying to prepare for final exams. You may be stressed and tired, but the finish line is in sight! Stay focused on your goals and remember this effort will be worth the reward.

We recently asked students on social media to share their tips for staying motivated in the final weeks of the semester. Here’s what some of them had to say.

“Perfection is not the goal. You do not have to come in first place to accomplish something. You have to push through and finish. Whatever your motivation may be, remember that, focus and finish.” — Jowal S.

“Started doing yoga every Sunday and then going to a cafe to do homework away from the house and kids. The change of scenery and time to myself has made a HUGE difference.” — Stacy S.

“Staying disciplined to my routines and ensuring that I allot the necessary amount of time to my studies. The holiday season can be easily distracting, but I try to remember why I decided to pursue this degree and what it can help me accomplish for both me and my family. Keeping my eye on the prize!” — Jordan D.

“I graduate with a second master’s in less than a month. Motivation enough!” — Robert P.

Several other students said their dogs were great study buddies that helped them keep going. Having someone to cheer you on or just keep you company and offer moral support can be a great motivator. 

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