Business Student and Restaurant Owner Encourages Buying Local

My name is Christopher Scotto Dicesare, and I am 27 years old. I am from a small town north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. About 8 years ago, I became a business partner with my father. I own and operate a small Italian restaurant and pizzeria where we focus on good food and good customer service. Over the years, we have seen a growing number of franchise businesses influence our business, which is a trend happening across the country that has fueled me in the pursuit of my degree.

I am pursuing my bachelor’s in business through Penn State World Campus to enhance my knowledge, perspective, and expertise in this field. I look forward to gaining valuable skills that I can use in my day-to-day business operations and, one day, furthering my career. With the business field always expanding in various avenues, it is crucial to keep up with the newest innovative tools and techniques in order to excel and move forward within society. By continuing my education, I can obtain research-based business knowledge to become a more well-rounded business professional.

The business field has expanded and evolved over time and new business tools and time management techniques have been utilized to sustain a competitive advantage. I have found that technology has been at the forefront and has helped business professionals like myself move forward to compete against these large companies. As I pursue my degree while owning my own business, I have found that the use of calendars, reminders, notes, and other applications on my phone and computer have helped me stay organized and improve my time management.

As customers, we sometimes don’t think about where we might buy our material things such as groceries or food. In my opinion, large businesses are about getting people in and out of the door to create a marketable product for their company to be profitable. However, these companies don’t care about the individuals purchasing their products. Small business are struggling to stay ahead and compete. Given my personal experience and my interaction with other small business owners, I want to encourage you to support small businesses. There are many economic advantages in your community that are created by locally owned establishments. These are the people that struggle to compete and survive against the large companies that are taking over Main Street. Instead of helping the owner of a big company buy his next vacation home, help a small business owner send their children to college and provide them with the needed education and tools to be successful in today’s society. Next time you go to eat or go to a store, remember what cause you’re supporting and who is benefiting from it. Your local small business owner thanks you!