Creative Writing Contest Winner: Christine Hahn

We hosted a creative writing contest for Penn State World Campus students this summer. Christine Hahn was chosen as one of the winners for her poem, Dual Identities.

Dual Identities

Work phone is ringing,
Kids are screaming,
School Assignment due by 10.

Caffeine day and night,
Weary of plight
I cannot feel my skin.

Do I yell or do I scream?
Kids and phone again!
Email reminder – assignment due
Why can I not win?

Mother, Student, Secretary, Wife
All the roles in my life
Each a blessing but a fight to get a decent sleep at night
I count the sheep…1…2…3
In my dreams is where I flee, to a place where I am free
From work, school, and family.

I wouldn’t change it for the world
I love my little boys and girls
And my husband is cool too, he’s always been by my side since ‘I do.’
My work is my sanctuary,
Where I go when I feel buried from the different lives I live.

Mother, Student, Secretary, Wife
I love the roles in my life.