Different Perspectives Can Lead to the Best Ideas

We recently asked our social media audience for examples of how they may have experienced a change in perspective after becoming a Penn State World Campus student. They have taken to our Facebook and Instagram accounts to share their new perspectives. Here’s a compilation of responses that is sure to inspire you:


Penn State World Campus has given me a new perspective on…

“College. I was a traditional college student, did on campus classes for four years right out of high school to earn my BSN. I never thought I would be an online student, but Penn State World Campus has given me the opportunity to grow and learn on my own time in a format that fits my life.”  —Kathryn Denison

“Life! As a non-traditional 50-something year old student, Penn State World Campus has made me realize it’s never too late to finally finish and earn a degree. Working full-time and school at this stage in my life has been overwhelming, terrifying and amazing all rolled into one.” —Dawn Luchowski

“Hard work. 60hrs at my job and then 12 credits and a family and home on top of that. You can do anything if you put the work in.”—Andrew Myers

“I have been trying new study habits and found help dealing with test anxiety from the student services page!” —Jen Walker

“Confidence. I never considered myself as smart, but I’m realizing I’m actually GOOD at learning!” —Kim Deyo

“My future!” –Tanya Holloway


Penn State World Campus has given me a new perspective on…

 “On what being a college student means as an adult, and how much fun it can be.” —ami_mimi_

“How people with different beliefs and political opinions can still have respectful and insightful discourse.” —dartholit01

“My approach to higher education as an undergrad 20 years ago to now a grad student.” —mkendall41

“I am now part of a large family and have so much support everywhere I turn. Truly loving my college experience and love Penn State!” —cparkerkiki

“On how much of my time grad school uses!” —pointsdiving