Explore Networking and Alumni Connections with LionLink

Have you heard of LionLink? One of many services offered by the Penn State Alumni AssociationLionLink is a professional networking program that can link you with alumni volunteersWith this program, both Penn State students and alumni who are looking for mentorship, networking, and connection can reach out to alumni and begin discussions. These alumni have joined LionLink to pay it forward, learn from their fellow Nittany Lions, and build their own coaching and leadership skills.  

What Students Can Gain 

Students can use LionLink to bring the feeling of the Penn State community to them through a virtual platform. Instead of having to attend an in-person networking event, students can reach out to alumni through LionLink. The platform gives training and resources to help you connect effectively and craft a professional, purposeful message. Students can get the most out of LionLink by being active on the platform and not being afraid to take the first step in connection. As Penn Staters, we’re all dedicated to supporting one another — so there’s no need to feel awkward! 

Opportunities for Alumni  

Once students graduate and become alumni, they can use LionLink for both purposes — receiving and offering powerful career and personal development advice. If you choose to act as an information-giver, you aren’t required to take on any certain number of connections and you can adjust your involvement to meet your needs. Information you can share includes your experiences, your career development, and how you set and work toward goals. Your input is so valuable to Penn Staters seeking guidance.  

Get Started  

If you’re interested in participating in networking through LionLinksign up and get started! Our Penn State World Campus career counselors can also answer any questions that you might have.