Have You Thought about Your Career Today?

It’s easy to get bogged down by what has to get done today, this week, or this month. Let’s face it, World Campus students are flooded with what has to be done every day. Many of you are working really hard, treading water all semester to keep afloat of all the responsibilities of working, raising children, and going to school. I have one question … do you remember why you jumped in the water in the first place? I mean this in a career way, and I’ve probably pushed this metaphor too far, but what I’m asking is, do you remember why you decided to go to school? I think the answer has something to do with your career.

We all get focused on what we need to do to stay above water today, this week, or this semester. But you’re studying because you are optimistic about something. How do you hope your life will be when you have your degree? I know this is a difficult question to answer and most people wait to ask, or never ask at all. But today I’m asking you.

I recognize there’s no way to tell the future. But before you get too caught up in the next semester, during that bit of calm before the next storm, I’m hoping that you take a minute to reflect on your big picture. It can feel overwhelming to answer “what next,” and a lot of you think you should already know the answer. But maybe if we let go of that guilt or fear, there will be room for an answer.

I don’t have all the answers for you or me. But I am pretty steadfast when trying to find things out, which includes helping students work out what’s next. I’m a very curious person and want to know why you are in school and what you hope for next. We might be able to take steps to line you up for your next move, or for that matter find your bearings. But wherever you are, I guess I’m trying to say that you don’t have to navigate this daunting question alone. So, get in touch with me because that’s why I’m here, to help you with your career.

Lynn Atanasoff, Ph.D.
Career Counselor

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