Video Series: Advice from a World Campus MBA Graduate Working in the IT Field

The Career Services team at Penn State World Campus has created a new series of videos that provide career-related advice from a World Campus graduate who works in the IT field.

The videos feature Matt Soroka, World Campus career services counselor, and Marsha Cipollone, who earned her MBA from World Campus with the goal of gaining business skills that could augment her technical knowledge. In addition to her staff position in an IT sales role, Cipollone now has her own business as an IT consultant.

The series includes 7 short videos, each less than three minutes long. Cipollone shares insights and lessons she has learned as an MBA graduate and IT professional, including:

  • Community and connection are important. Cipollone said she and many of her MBA program cohorts still keep in touch, which provides networking opportunities. She is also active in the World Campus community as a member of the Alumni Society Board, and this experience has helped her develop skills that have been beneficial in workplace situations.
  • Stay aware of ways to advance at your current organization. If you are happy where you are, there are still likely ways to expand your skill set or incorporate new responsibilities that can challenge you professionally and possibly lead to promotions within that organization.
  • Consider how your academic program can support your long-term career goals. Prior to earning her MBA, Cipollone was doing more hands-on IT work, but the skills she gained through her degree program allowed her to pivot to a sales role in which she focuses more on providing tech-based solutions.

Watch the first video in this series:

Watch the entire series

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