Hurricane Irene Prompts Spontaneous Penn State Trip

When World Campus student Ivy Moon-Rumsey and her family had to evacuate their home to avoid the onslaught of Hurricane Irene, they were nervous. But they decided to make the most of their time away from their home in Manhattan, New York — and what could be better than a spontaneous visit to Penn State?

Ivy (middle) stands with her husband and three of their six children.

While here, the family made a number of memorable stops — taking pictures of three of their six daughters at the Nittany Lion Shrine; chowing down on ice cream at Berkey Creamery; and even saying hi to Jay Paterno, assistant football coach and son of the iconic JoePa. (Ivy’s husband, Dion, knows Jay from participating in the Penn State Football Fantasy Camp.)

Ivy said she and her family were able to relax at least a little bit because of the support of World Campus faculty and staff. As Hurricane Irene left her without a computer temporarily, Ivy was unable to finish some assignments that were due. After talking with her instructor, she was able to get an extension on her deadline.

“I’m so thankful that Penn State and the World Campus have been supportive and have been able to help us,” said Ivy.

A Chance Encounter while Shopping in State College

At a store in State College, Ivy’s family ran into someone proudly wearing a World Campus shirt, so they struck up a conversation. That person was Larry Ragan, director of faculty development at World Campus, who helps to train Penn State instructors on successful ways to teach online.

After talking with Larry, Ivy called her adviser, Richard Brungard, to see if she could stop by the World Campus offices. Lucky for us, she and her family came by, and we were very excited to meet with her!

Proud to be Part of Our Pride

It wasn’t their first trip here; the family regularly visits for football games and other events. Over many trips, the family has accumulated an impressive collection of Penn State paraphernalia: strollers, flip flops, clothes, a license plate, and more.

One of Ivy’s most recent additions will stay with her forever; she had the Nittany Lions’ athletics logo tattooed on her left shoulder blade.

Ivy's awesome Penn State tattoo

“Penn State means so much to us,” said Ivy. “It means loyalty, family, tradition, and a sense of belonging.”

Majoring in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, and pursuing minors in Psychology and Communications, Ivy is already a member of the national honor society Alpha Sigma Lambda.

“World Campus has given so many people the opportunity to get a Penn State degree,” she said. “I had children at a young age and it just wasn’t possible to go back to school. That is, until I enrolled in a program through the World Campus.”

Ivy and her family returned home after they were notified that the power had returned.  Although the trip took an extra two hours due to flood-diverted traffic in New Jersey, she said it was all worth it.

Thanks for stopping by, Ivy and family!