Mental Health Awareness Month Reflections: Commit to Continued Education, Communication, and Growth

Mental Health Awareness Month has now passed, so this seemed like a fitting time to assess our own awareness — and commit to continuously developing and sharing with each other the resources that serve Penn State World Campus students. Here’s how we can all contribute to keeping these important efforts top of mind all year long.

Awareness and Growth. Our Student Affairs team will continue to strive to enhance and expand our support services in ways that align with student needs. Communications and interactions with students help us to learn more about how we can best provide valuable assistance and develop resources that will be the most useful to you.

Awareness and Communication. We are driven by our mission of helping each World Campus student accomplish their goals while striving toward their ideal well-being. Our priority is to make it easier for you to communicate with us so that we may stay better informed of the questions you have or the challenges you face.

For example, because students frequently mentioned their difficulties navigating health insurance to obtain mental health services, in the spring semester of 2022, we developed a resource aimed at making that process easier. Review our infographic on understanding your insurance card.

Student Affairs and students both benefit from the process of sharing information. The intent is for students to feel empowered through education and awareness, which promotes inner strength and builds confidence, while our team gains helpful insight we can use to develop or expand tools and services to meet students’ needs.

Awareness and Education. Mental Health Awareness Month allowed us to focus on the importance of education and socialization of the issues that impact so many of us. As we have highlighted resources and aids to meet your unique mental health needs, we are also mindful to look forward to developing more solutions that address the service and support needs of students.

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