World Campus Students Can Benefit from Ginger Behavioral Health Tools

Penn State World Campus students can gain access to the Ginger app, which provides access to behavioral health tools, support, and services. We asked World Campus Mental Health Case Manager Michelle Henry to share insight about the resources available through Ginger and explain how World Campus students can access them.

What issues can Ginger help students address?

Ginger has resources available for an array of behavioral health concerns. Popular topics include stress, anxiety, workplace issues, depression, academic impacts, parenting, mindfulness, burnout, substance abuse, and relationship conflicts.

What kinds of services does Ginger provide?

You can connect with behavioral health coaches at any time. Active Ginger members who live in the United States can schedule virtual sessions with licensed therapists at their convenience, including nights and weekends. Ginger’s app and website also offer a wide variety of self-guided resources, including videos, podcasts, articles, and activities.

How do World Campus students access Ginger?

Students first need to schedule an appointment with World Campus Mental Health and Well-Being Case Management Services to ensure eligibility and initiate a referral (use this password: WCCMforms). Once the case management team submits a referral, Ginger activates the student’s access to the app. The student can then register and schedule their initial behavioral health coaching session. This is typically accomplished within a week of the initial referral.

Is there a fee for using Ginger?

World Campus Student Affairs covers the cost of three months of Ginger service for our students, so each student can use the service for free during that initial three-month payment authorization period. This can include up to six virtual therapy sessions for eligible users. (Remember that some services are only available to users based in the United States.) Ginger will require students to have a backup form of payment on file in case they incur a late-cancelation fee.

What happens after the student uses their initial three-month period covered by World Campus Student Affairs?

After the three-month payment authorization period ends, members can choose to pay out-of-pocket for coaching and therapy services or may be able to have their health insurance provider pay for extended therapy services. This optional service extension may also include psychiatric services that Ginger also provides virtually. Psychiatrists can prescribe and manage medications that can be delivered right to your home, if you live in an area serviced by Capsule. Ginger representatives can provide information about options that may be available to you. World Campus mental health case managers can also help you explore alternative community-based options that may be available to you outside of Ginger.

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