Spring has Sprung!

Finally! My favorite time of year has arrived! I love spring so much! There is nothing more refreshing then looking out the window and seeing the crocuses peeping out of the ground or seeing the fresh blooms on the daffodils. Not to mention my son’s birthday is right around the corner as well as mine next month—and I LOVE decorating for birthdays (I go way overboard—just ask my husband and my bank account!).

Flowers blooming marks the start of spring.
Flowers blooming marks the start of spring.

Outside of just my personal life though, there is the life of a Penn Stater. Spring finally arriving means only one thing to a college student – about a month left in the semester – and for some of us panic mode sets in! Also, spring training begins for those Lions, too! Whether it’s getting ready for summer classes or graduation, spring is the semester of all semesters!

I’ve finally managed to purchase a nice pad of yellow sticky notes and have finally – after months of saying I was going to do it – gotten organized in my assignments. I now have sticky notes all over my desk; ranging from what I need to buy at the grocery store, to what my work schedule is this week, and lastly, what assignments I need to do and by when. There is nothing more awesome then being able to cross an assignment off that list. It really is the greatest feeling – even better is crossing it off 4 days before its due date – although I will admit choosing between correcting a German assignment or playing Diablo III is quite a tough choice. 🙂

Regardless of how many weeks or days or hours there are left in the semester, we must all keep looking to the future, keep soldering on through all the assignments and realize that we are one step closer to our goal. Whether that goal is to get a 3.5 GPA for the semester, or simply passing that one class that could have prevented you from graduating—we all have our inspirations. Spring just seems to bring all those hopes and dreams and goals into perspective. It really must be something in the air. 🙂

For me it’s the crocuses and that fresh pollen smell in the air that lets me know that spring has finally arrived. What about you? How do you know that spring has sprung?