Top Misconceptions about Career Services

I asked some fellow colleagues about student misconceptions regarding Career Services – here’s what they identified.

  1. You only need to go to Career Services when you’re a looking for a job.
  2. Career Services is for seniors. They don’t help freshman and sophomores.
  3. Career Services can give me a test that will tell me what to do for a career.
  4. I don’t need Career Services because alumni are great at helping each other. Doesn’t LionLink connect me with alumni who will help get me a job?
  5. My employer is helping me pay for school and my boss will be upset if I talk to Career Services because they help you get jobs.
  6. I’m graduating next week so I thought I’d start career counseling. That should give me plenty of time to figure out what I want to do with my degree.

Don’t wait until you are ready to graduate!

There are things you can do now to explore and plan for your future. Contact Career Services early and often. We are here to help you implement your career choices.

Career Services is available to help all World Campus students:

  • Develop Yourself
    • advance your self-marketing skills related to resume writing, cover letters, job search, and interviewing
    • network effectively with alumni and other professionals for valuable information on careers, industries, and companies
    • Learn how to negotiate job offers
    • recognize your career interests, skills, abilities, personality or values related to work and school
  • Explore Options
    • research career options and discover what to do with your major
    • find opportunities to interface with employers through career fairs and job postings
    • access materials on job outlook and salary information
    • access free online career resources and libraries for national and international information
  • Make Decisions
    • clarify your career direction by discussing your life and career goals with a career professional
    • make informed choices about your major or regarding job offers
    • select a graduate school
    • determine how to position yourself so you’re ready by the time you graduate
    • find, locate, select, and apply to graduate school

… and more.

Career Services is for all students, regardless of major. Even if you already know what you want to do, services can assist in making you more marketable within your field. Whether you are new to the university or about the graduate from Penn State, reach out today and use the resources available to you!