Meet Kasey Altman, a Student on a Global Journey

This is the first in an ongoing series from Kasey Altman, a Penn State World Campus student currently embarking on an impressive — and challenging — adventure. She hopes to experience as many sights, cultures, and traditions as possible around the world. Along the way, she is relying on technology and creative strategies to keep up with course work and complete her assignments.

My name is Kasey, and I am a native of San Diego, California. After living within the constraints of Division I athletics for three years, I stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime, made possible by Penn State World Campus. I’m currently solo-traveling the world as a full-time student. I’m a junior-level transfer student pursuing my B.A. in Strategic Communications (PR/Advertising).

With online course reserves and an online proctoring system, Penn State World Campus allows students to study from anywhere, as long as we get our hands on decent Wi-Fi. After completing a traditional study abroad program this summer, I recognized the beauty of my location independence. But even better, I realized that depending on where I choose to go, I could spend far less money on a shoestring budget than on room and board in the United States. So, naturally, I bought a one-way ticket to Indonesia. I have been backpacking as a full-time student ever since.

I’m partaking in what I like to call my gap year, minus the gap. Along the way I’ve been met with intrigue and excitement from people all over the world, inspiring me to share my story.

I will post highlights and photos of my experiences as I complete this exciting journey, and share tips for others who might be inspired to try their own traveling adventure.

Kasey Altman and cow outdoors in Switzerland
Hanging out with local wildlife in Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland.